Join us in standing in support and prayer for this marine and his family…this is the definition of social justice.

By Kari Huus,

Arturo de los Santos lost his home to foreclosure more than a year ago and was evicted. But because he felt he was treated unfairly, he moved back into his home of 10 years in an effort to force the lender, Freddie Mac, to back down.

“I’m just a regular guy who gets up each day, takes the kids to school and goes to work,” said de los Santos, a long-time aerospace factory supervisor who served five years in the Marine Corps. Now he is hunkered down in the modest three-bedroom house in Riverside, Calif., surrounded by an encampment of Occupy Riverside protesters and community activists. “We’ve done everything the way we were supposed to. We’re not going to just sit back and let Freddie Mac steal our home.”

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