Trump’s new proposed budget would destroy countless lives and hurt the most vulnerable in our society, and we as Christians are outraged. President Trump has proposed a budget that will increase military spending by 54 billion at the expense of things like…

  • Meals on Wheels
  • National Endowment of the Arts
  • PBS
  • Housing programs
  • Homeless shelters
  • WIC – aid to low-income mothers and infants
  • Home energy assistance, which keeps struggling families from freezing to death

The President who vowed to help the “forgotten man and woman” and not leave anyone out in the cold has literally called for a budget that eliminates the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, leaving thousands out in the cold. It would end Meals on Wheels, a program that would leave thousands of senior citizens and disabled stranded without a means to get food every day. It would cuts arts and humanities funding, school programs and scholarship programs, a backbone of our society. It would greatly reduce funding for WIC, a program low-income mothers depend on to feed their infants. It is interesting that a “pro-life” President would propose to make a cut that would literally put a newborn’s life in danger, or force a young woman who might not want to have an abortion to have one because she knows she could not afford to feed it. And that’s not even mentioning the housing programs low-income Americans rely on in order to keep from living on the streets.

Not only is this budget an immoral document, it goes against all our values as Americans. As Christians, we are outraged at the harm this proposed budget would do to the most vulnerable in our country – the working poor, the homeless, those barely getting by need a voice. That’s why we are calling on our members and followers to join us in daily prayer until this budget is NOT passed – you may want to fast from something AND pray, but that is your choice. We’ll be posting a scripture having to do with the poor and justice every morning on our social media platforms, highlighting another part of this inhumane proposal. Please spread word, share the scriptures,  join us in prayer and if you feel to, donate to help us make our voice heard at this critical time. #CDAPrayerDays

More information on the immoral budget…

Budgets are moral documents, and Trump’s is a moral failure

The budget is a moral document.

It’s not clear where that phrase originates, but it’s become a staple of fiscal policy debatesin DC, and for very good reason. Budgets lay out how a fifth of the national economy is going to be allocated. They make trade-offs between cancer treatment and jet fighters, scientific research and tax cuts, national parks and border fences. These are all decisions with profound moral implications. Budgets, when implemented, can lift millions out of poverty, or consign millions more to it. They can provide universal health insurance or take coverage away from those who have it. They can fuel wars or support peacekeeping.

What President Donald Trump released on Thursday is not a full budget. It doesn’t touch on taxes, or on entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or food stamps. It concerns itself exclusively with the third of the budget that’s allocated through the annual appropriations process.

But it’s a moral document nonetheless. And the moral consequences of its implementation would be profound, and negative. The fact that it will not be implemented in full — that Congress is almost certain not to go along with many of its recommendations — in no way detracts from what it tells us about the administration’s priorities, and its ethics.

Let’s start with poverty. By excluding entitlements, the budget outline is silent on most of the federal government’s efforts to reduce poverty in America. That makes it all the more remarkable that it still managed to find plenty of programs aimed at helping low-income Americans to cut or eliminate…

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