What an incredible year this has been! We are so thankful for the opportunities we have been blessed with, to increase our following and get our message out to thousands this year, represent Christian Democrats to the DNC and the world, and truly make an impact on the national conversation and election. We thank God we were able to come together, see great things happen in our country politically and be a vehicle to touch lives in a spiritual way. Tomorrow we will release our resolutions, prayer list and goals for 2013, but tonight, here is a look back at this year…

We passed out and sold these Christians for Obama buttons and bumper-stickers all throughout the election cycle with great enthusiasm!

  • “What Are Your Values?” successful conversation campaign through social media to change the negative right-wing stereotype about what true “Christian values” are > click here.
  • Interview on PBS show Religion & Ethics, click here
  • CNN Radio and blog coverage from DNC 2012 – click here to view.
  • More DNC coverage – click here. 
  • CDA featured in Dutch documentary and blog as the representation that there are Christian evangelical supporters in America for President Obama – click here to view.
  • Two nation-wide days of prayer before the election, ending with a prayer teleconference featuring Rev. Derrick Harkins of the DNC and the Obama campaign faith outreach coordinator.
  • Most viral Facebook post was seen by 6,042 people
  • Twitter following final count 7,800+
  • Posts of our shared on many different sites, but this was by far the best result – amazingly, on an atheist sub of Reddit – 95,000+ views on a post: