When I came to the United States, I expected the Republican Party to be a political voice for  Christians. I did not agree with their platform – when Barack Obama won the elections in 2008, I was among the many cheering ones in Berlin. And George W. Bush to me was a red flag from the beginning. However, I still thought that – despite of many points where I disagreed – the GOP, whose men and women so often referred to the Bible, were inspired by good intent and the simple wish to do God’s will. Stupid me.

After only 7 months in this country, I feel completely disenchanted. The Republicans practices – of putting short-term financial interest over the protection of our planet, of putting the right of weapon owners over the biblical command to fight the evil with the good, of condemning homosexuals, although they are not to be blamed for their sexual preferences – are as far as could be from Jesus’ great and revolutionary message.

Even their behavior in discussions seems to be often dominated by terms of intolerance, disrespect, force and the constant bashing on anyone, who disagrees with their views. Just watch Fox News for 5 minutes and you’ ll know what I’m talking about. Compatriots are called traitors, communists or worse only for having different political views – the fatal phrase “If you are not with us, you are against us” seems to be an inherent part of republican terminology.

I, as a Christian, also feel deeply disgusted by the hatred which many of those Christians seem to bear towards Muslims and other religious minorities or against atheists. Surely, not the smartest way to win people over for Christianity. And certainly not the way Jesus chose.

Dear Republicans, there’s one thing which I would really like to ask you: If somebody preaching social justice and help for the poor, disagreeing with your obsession with guns, requesting dialogue and peaceful solutions wherever possible and asking for goodness and forgiveness even towards our opponents – if someone like that is a traitor to our country in your eyes…what does that make Jesus?

Marva is a German writer, blogger and was an active member of the Christian Democrat Party of Germany. She is now a U.S. resident married to a US service member and writing here in the US on her values.