Thanksgiving Survival Guide for Christian Democrats in 2019

by Christina Forrester

For some, Thanksgiving on any year can be a stressful time of potential conflicts or family drama. We have enough movies and Saturday Night Live skits to underscore this fact. But the age of Trump we are now in is a much more contentious time for many families, and over the past week our team at Christian Democrats of America has actually received requests for help on how to deal with the coming “my family are Trump supporters” drama. Christians with progressive values can be facing many arguments from conservative family members and friends, and so I have put together a list of responses to the most-often-heard arguments. I can speak to you firsthand because I, myself, have some family who are very devoted to the conservative cause and proudly announce their support of Trump.

Now it is true that the best passive-aggressive advice I can give you might be to just consider “Trump,” “abortion,” “impeachment” “Russia” “Rudy” or “Clinton” panic words which is understood to mean, “I have an emergency phone call, I’ll be back…!” You can even create secret signals to your progressive family members that it is time for that “special errand!” But all joking aside, I do understand this can be a particularly stressful time that is putting wedges and strain between families, even destroying relationships and getting a lot of people blocked on Facebook. But if you do need to engage in dialogue, here are the responses and the talking points Christian Democrats as a whole have embraced (some levity included!). Hope it helps, and hope you have a peaceful and blessed holiday, and are able to truly be thankful…and keep sanity in tact.

Seven Thanksgiving Talking Points for Christian Democrats

  1. Being pro-choice or voting for someone who is pro-choice does not equal “pro-abortion.” No one is for murdering newborn babies and it does not happen. Abortions are historically lower under a Democratic administration (you can also reference this:
  2. You are one of millions of Christian Democrats who vote their values and deserve equal respect as any conservative Christian. The teachings of Jesus back you up on this. See our platform.
  3. Yes, the Democratic primary field is big. Yes, there are varying degrees of farther left and centrist policies when it comes to healthcare, etc. But it is true of everyone in the field that they are trying to expand and lessen costs of healthcare – the exact opposite of what the Republicans have done. But when “socialism” comes up, ask your uncle if he ever attended a public school and if his house was on fire if he would call 911. Then point out, he has participated in socialist programs. 🙂
  4. Trump admitted in public the quid pro quo with Ukraine. The impeachment hearings are only backing that up with substantial proof.
  5. Hillary Clinton and her team did not engage in Satanic rituals in 2016 and neither do Christian Democrats. We are not funded by Soros and liberal people of faith do not have the deep state on speed dial. The President’s lawyer and the dozen or so members of his past cabinet who are in jail seem to, though.
  6. Kids in cages is something Obama did for a time, but it was never for the length of time it is now. Camps for thousands of children were not set up. Hundreds of children from the Obama era are not still without their parents. Trump did “zero tolerance” not Obama.
  7. God’s word never changes – love still trumps hate. Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. – 1 John 4:20

Now, please pass the sweet potatoes.


Christina Forrester is the Founder/Director of Christian Democrats of America. Follow her at @Christinaof9.