CDA Endorses Joe Biden for President

by Christina Forrester

We are at an unprecedented time in our country. Politics has taken a back seat to the crisis and new life we find ourselves in. I find myself finding hope however, in the idea of future leadership that would steer us away from a crisis such as this… instead of headlong straight into the middle of it like a freight train.

Before the Covid-19 crisis hit the United States, I listened as Joe Biden gave a speech after more major primary victories on what the media deemed “Super Tuesday Part 2” (back in those days when cable news still discussed politics). As I listened to this speech about unity, it struck me first that there was no braggadocious, ego-centric tone to it. Maybe we have become so accustomed to this type of thing in the age of Trump, but it was refreshing to hear a speech from a politician in a major victory night that echoed humility instead of pride and chest-thumping. I felt a sense of peace at the lack of megalomania in that speech. I also heard leadership when I honestly wasn’t expecting it.

Once a skeptic, I now believe all that Biden has been through in his life has prepared him for this moment. It surprises me to hear myself say this, when I was a staunch Elizabeth Warren supporter and still consider myself a “Warren Democrat.” I was among those who have been skeptical about a Biden candidacy…not that he is not a good man or has the right experience, but I ideologically was more aligned in the progressive wing and had hoped for a female candidate. But I am seeing a unity in this Biden candidacy in this moment – voices of all colors, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, coming together. A unified Democratic Party under a candidate with an eye on healing our nation is a powerful, and maybe God-anointed, thing. 

I feel in my heart that God is raising up Biden for such a time as this. I believe Joe Biden was as surprised as anyone else at the outpouring for his candidacy in recent months. The pundits were calling it over. I myself was calling it over for the Biden campaign. But I have to believe now that if God is rising him up, he has prepared him also to take this on, to beat Trump and to heal our country. I believe we can win back many Evangelicals, like the thousands who have joined our Christians Against Hate/Christians Against Trump movement in these past three years, who have been disillusioned by Trump’s behavior, tweets, bullying and policies that show total disregard for our values as Christians. 

The Democratic party needs to come together for those who are down and out and those who are suffering most right now. The tragedy Joe Biden has been through in his life gives him an empathy for the broken that might be exactly what we need right now. It might also be what God has intended in order to mend the brokenness in this country. Now is a moment that has exposed this administration’s inability to plan ahead, show compassion, and lead. Trump’s vanity is on full display as he flaps in the unfamiliar wind of an uncontrollable and unspinable crisis. He is shouting at a virus what a great job he has done. While this President continues to rage tweet at a virus with his burning hate filled language, Democrats have been speaking, too. They have spoken in numbers that are undeniable. They are saying “We need a leader!” Joe Biden says he wants to unify the country, unify the Democrats. And I believe he can. 

Our movement and mission here at Christian Democrats of America is an important one this election – we have the opportunity to make a major impact. We make up a broad group of Democrats, from the progressive wing to the center, and even some Independents, as well as Republicans who are disgusted with what their party has become under Trump. All parts of our community matter and all the voices – those who supported Bernie Sanders matter, those who supported Kamala Harris, Warren, or Yang matter, and all the others. We will not agree on everything, but we can agree that literal lives are at stake, as well as the soul of our country, if Trump gets another term. This is a fate we cannot allow to come upon our nation and the world, and especially the most vulnerable. Our values are aligned, even if our policies don’t always align. Let’s keep focus on the values in these coming months and come together for the common good. (I just have one personal, special request – please pick Warren as your VP!)

Christina Forrester is the Founder and Executive Director of Christian Democrats of America. Follow her on Twitter @Christinaof9 or Facebook.