Below is a piece from a new article in Sojourners magazine and blog about the possibility of the Affordable Care Act, i.e. “Obamacare, being struck down in the Supreme court. The healthcare law is not perfect – we were critical that it did not go far enough to help uninsured Americans and those caught in the middle, lost in the system. What should be unconstitutional is that we allow our health care system in this great country of ours to be ruled by greed. That we allow hundreds of human beings to die every year simply because they do not have enough money to pay for care and no way to get help. If we were looking into an alien culture and seeing the poor and the sick treated so, we would call that society barbaric…inhumane…sinful. When you hear Christian groups begin to cry out to God to save America from our loose morals and loss of Christian values, we hope you will think of what those “loss of values” really are…and in a society that accepts the poor and the sick to be overlooked, that’s where it starts. This is not politically based opinions…this is scripturally-based facts.

From Sojourers:

Maybe the Affordable Care Act is constitutional and maybe it’s not. If it turns out to be constitutional, maybe it’s good legislation and maybe it’s not. In any case, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Supreme Court, come June, will strike down at least the requirement that everyone buy health insurance. And if the mandate goes, two other requirements will most likely go with it: Once again insurers will be able to reject or refuse to renew applicants. And once again Americans with pre-existing conditions will be uninsurable.*

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