Social injustice = not of the character of Christ. This is a great article that gives clear indication of one of the greatest sins in our country…greed.

From Sojourners by Jeremy John:

When I am faced with dishonesty and fraud on a systemic scale, I ask my questions of God. But I am continually directed back to humanity itself to find the origins of injustice.

So what can we do to end injustice?

The Washington Post reported on the massive falsification of documents by banks:

“Employees at major banks who churned out fraudulent foreclosure documents, forged signatures, made up fake job titles and falsely notarized paperwork often did so at the behest of their superiors, according to a federal investigation released Tuesday….

“‘I believe the reports we just released will leave the reader asking one question: How could so many people have participated in this misconduct?’ David Montoya, HUD inspector general, said in a statement. ‘The answer: simple greed.’”

Simple greed. Hmm. Who was greedy? The employees who objected were ordered to continue falsifying documents. The supervisors were merely carrying out the pace that was set for them. And the CEOs and higher ups just set quotas that were unreachable… unless some laws were broken. They in turn did that because they are bound by their shareholders to maximize profit — or face a lawsuit.

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