By Dr. Linda Seger | 9-24-14

When Jesus was asked which was the greatest of the Ten Commandments, he said there were only two that would encompass all others: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and your neighbor as yourself.”

But who is my neighbor? Jesus challenged us to expand our view of who we are directed to care for.

Who is your neighbor? Those whom you like and even those you don’t like. It is a radical Gospel, and that is what Christianity is—simply radical! It stretches us, and asks us to think differently, to think against our human nature, which says, “No way! That’s not what it means! I wouldn’t lift a finger to help that man!” We are asked to think of those we hate as our neighbor, and to set social policy that deals compassionately, and justly, with them.

That means we are asked, as a society, to look out for the dispossessed and the needy, whomever they may be: the Muslim who has been jailed, perhaps for being at the wrong place at the wrong time; the terrorist—yes, even the terrorist who is being treated inhumanely; the homosexual who may be the victim of hate crimes; the hurt and the helpless; the person who can’t afford health care; the battered woman; the abortion doctor who is reviled and even shot at for doing a job that is legal in the United States. Make your list of the people you hate. Those are the people you’re asked to feed and clothe, and to whom you are to show fair treatment, justice, and mercy.

These are the people we are asked to help in our governmental policies as well. What we want for ourselves–compassion and rights–we must also allow and protect for others.

We are excited to announce the addition of Dr. Linda Seger as a contributing blogger to Christian Democrats of America. Dr. Seger is the author of Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats, a Huffington Post contributor and international speaker. The first edition of Jesus Rode a Donkey was a great inspiration when I began this movement in 2006. We will be highlighting excerpts of the 2nd edition of Jesus Rode a Donkey over the next several weeks and encourage you to share these articles leading up to the mid-term elections. – Christina Forrester, CDA Executive Director/Founder