Thaprayervigilnk you to everyone who participated in our Prayer Vigil November 16th! It was an enormous success and we are excited to report that we reached OVER 105k people and had 20,000 participants who actively engaged between all our social media channels! When you count the number of people who were praying and not on social media, we estimate we had at least 45,000 people who prayed together as one voice. We were so blessed by all the heartfelt prayers that were laid out – there is great power in what we did together last night. We collected some of the prayers that touched us and are making this document available to you to download if you want to continue to pray these prayers on a daily basis and share them with others, you can also read the collection below. Our battle is both a physical and spiritual one, and we truly engaged in a spiritual battle for our nation. This was the first of many new actions and initiatives we are planning so stay tuned and sign up to join the movement if you are intprayervigil2erested in volunteer opportunities or becoming a member to help us fund new initiatives.


I am praying for my country to stand against racism in all forms

I pray for protection for the poor, homeless, those relying on healthcare and the vulnerable

We pray for more love, more peace, more unity and more compassion in our country

We pray for divine care and protection for all immigrants and refugees from every nation – may we not fail or forsake them

We ask for divine intervention for our country

We pray Lord that you would expose all darkness and bring it into the light, where it is exposed and You can work

We pray Lord, that every stronghold of hatred, prejudice and bigotry would come down in Jesus’ name, and you would pour out your great love in its place.

Lord, we agree for an attitude and spirit of mercy and compassion to break through to the hearts of the incoming administration.

We agree Lord and ask You to fill each one of our leaders and us with the knowledge of Your will with all wisdom and spiritual understanding, always doing those things that are pleasing to You, bearing good fruit, doing good kind things for others, and being strengthened with all power and might in our inner man by Your precious Holy Spirit! In Jesus Name!

…and for all the people abandoning the church because of this election. Please help them to make good decisions and find the support they need to stay close to you and remain faithful to you in this turmoil.

Lord God, fill the hearts of Your faithful, and enkindle in us the fire of Your Love. Send forth Your Spirit. O Lord. And we shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the Earth. Through Our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

God, we all come together to pray for the protection of our planet and all species, that a shield of love will bring peace on earth, that all injustice cease so we can rise together in perfect accordance to your divinity. That no one can make us loose all we fought for so hard! Let us be in the utmost state of love. In Jesus name, Amen

Dear Lord please with our country in this hour of need. There is so much hate & fear brought out in our country because of this election. Forgive our sins & replace hate in our hearts with love toward all people. Thank you for all the blessings you have given this country.

Lord I know you are a God of Love, Speak to hearts & Minds of Elected Officials, Expose all the People that are set on destroying our Government & hurting the Least among us,,& If there is any foreign Gov, Interfering in our Gov. & Elections expose them,& The people here too ! AMEN

I pray for our nation to learn acceptance of each and every human being. We all benefit from your loving grace, and humbly ask for your patience with our government. Amen

Heavenly Father, I ask that you soften the hearts of Your children so that we may be loving and giving to all. Guard our tongues that we speak positive words of love and unity. In Jesus name, amen!

My Lord I pray that you save us from the hypocrisy that is so often found in the buildings where the various religions are practiced, to expose our leaders who would defile your teaching of loving your neighbor as yourself and greedily rape our country of its wealth so the needy are not cared for.

I pray Lord that all your children would feel loved, know their worth and value and open the eyes of those who don’t see that worth.

Dear Lord Jesus I know nothing goes without your hand of approval on it. I pray we can show love for everyone and respect. You are all we have to to trust in our time of need. We we are in trouble or hurting we depend on you to help us make it. I pray you hear us and show you’re Power and your Glory. In Jesus name Amen

Father, I stand in agreement with those who stand against hatred towards any group of people, I am going to demonstrate the love of Christ to all mankind because you showed such great love towards me and for that I am greatful, help me to be compassionate to others as you have been so compassionate towards me. In Jesus name I pray this prayer. Amen!

Lord, I pray for peace in this country and all over the world. I pray that we get through all of this and come out even stronger. Protect us Lord from the enemy. Keep us safe and comforted during these trying times. Help us all to come together and grow towards you oh Lord. I pray you supernaturally change the track of this country. I love you so much Jesus. I thank you for your love and mercy. I praise you Lord, in Jesus name. Amen

Please give us wisdom and kindness in speech and action, Lord, as we work for change in our country. May they know we are your children by our love. Show each of us what we can do to be your servants in this dark time.

Lord soften the hearts of haters. People who believe they are better than others because of their race or religion preference.

We pray Lord that you will continue to keep us all lifted up, for we are in a time of despair and division within our nation. We thank you Lord God that we take comfort in the assurance that hate will no longer hinder our blessings and that we will continue to understand what is good and right and pleasing to your name. We ask you in the name of Jesus to give us the strength to overcome adversity, hostility and anything that Satan tries to put in front of us so that through you we can put our faith in you to let your love, mercy and grace follow us all the days of our lives and from here on out. It’s in the name of Jesus we do pray and count this done in all of our lives, AMEN.

May peace and love replace hate and intolerance in the hearts of Americans. May we over come that which would destroy us.

Lord I pray love and compassion be what reigns in our hearts and that it be extended to ALL You have created!

My Dear Sweet Lord , I come to you praying for our nation. I pray we can heal from all the hatred and divisions that have come to light lately. I pray you help us see the good in ALL people. I pray you give us a kind spirit….a compassionate spirit…a spirit that brings glory to Your Name. I ask this in your son’s most precious name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Heavenly father, protect all and keep them in your hands. Let everyone who claims to be a follower of yours realize that ALL of us are your children and you love them no matter what the color, race, etc. “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight…..”.

Pray that those who have such hatred in their hearts will have a softening. Pray that those who are gloating, finger pointing, shaming will see that this is not the will of God.

Lord, please be with ones who face fear and hate everyday. Somehow give them peace in their heart knowing prayers are being said. Help us all to stand up against hate, speak out with love when we see someone being hateful. God, give us the words to say in those times and not be afraid.

Lord please cover us with your protection from the evil that is lurking and dividing our country. I pray that you would open the hearts of politicians to the people less fortunate that them, I pray that our nation would feel your peace and love and that we would find the strength as a nation to love one another and let go of our hate. I pray we turn back to you. I pray your will be done. In Jesus name Amen!

Dear God, please bring our country back to you and bless us once again. Help us to trust you in difficult times when we don’t understand things. Help us as a nation to keep our eyes focused on you and to bring our concerns to you daily. We pray not only for our President Elect and Vice President Elect, but also for the people that are on his cabinet. We also pray for each other as a human race from the wealthy to the poor, from the black to the white, from the senior citizen to the tiny baby. Without you Jesus, we have lost our hope. Renew our hearts and minds as we seek to honor and worship you.
In Jesus name I pray.

Lord, help us to humble ourselves, repent of our fear, or anger when we are misguided and deceived, and turn to you for grace and guidance. Pour out your spirit on the land, on us and on our leaders. Direct our paths, Lord. Forgive us and help us to love, lift up and heal each other. Save us from false prophets and lies. Let your truth be known and shared between the left and the right, the old and the young. Thank you for raising up your people in prayer.

I pray for divine intervention for our country and all lies and propaganda that is evil to be exposed

God of Compassion and Love, transform our hearts by your grace, that we might have mercy on all.

We pray against hate crimes. We pray for the spirit of love to break up extremists

We pray for God’s love and harmony to take over hate and division!

Jesus be a fence all around & protect us from hate, hateful laws, actions, & words

We pray that the poor, needy, disabled & elderly are not forgotten because of congressional changes