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The Authoritarian vs. the Progressive View on “Great” Christian Leadership

What is Great Christian Leadership? In the past twenty or thirty years, Progressive Christian theologians have been thinking about what makes a great leader and how to apply Christian values to leadership. This has become particularly important today in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which demands great leadership. In a number of books about

CDA Poll: 26% of Republicans and 78% of Independents Say Biden Better Represents Christian Values Than Trump

In a survey taken by Christian Democrats of America of over 1,200 self-identified Christian voters, 26% of Republicans and 78% of Independents polled say Joe Biden and Kamala Harris better reflects their values as Christians than Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The poll was conducted online. If results are reflective of the overall Christian voting

Are Left-wing Christians Sheep Among the GOP Wolves?: Denouncing the Hypocritical Christian Right and Rebuking Donald Trump

Are you a Christian and a Democrat? If so, you’ve probably felt alone out there. You’ve probably been told, “You can’t be both a Christian and a Democrat.” You’ve probably been shunned by churches and/or conservative Christian family and friends. You’ve probably been called “a baby killer.” You may have even doubted your own viewpoint

Christian Democrats Hosts National Virtual Faith Forum Week Before the Election, Reaching Out to Faith Voters

Christian Democrats of America is hosting a Virtual Faith Forum Wednesday, October 28th at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST. The event will be streamed live on our Facebook page at facebook.com/christiandemocrats. The forum will feature a variety of speakers, interviews, panels and performances of some of the biggest names in the progressive Christian world, from

A Moral Vs. Immoral President

From the rantings in the White House, to the postal service to the Supreme Court, our democracy is under attack. But we can do something about it...we can vote, we can volunteer, we can raise our voice, pray, and as Christian Democrats we can reach out to other Christian voters in key states. OnDemocracy from