Christian Democrats of America officially endorses the candidates below for the 2022 midterm elections. After vetting the values, policies and ideals of the below candidates, we believe they are in alignment with our platform and the policies/values that are most important to Christian Democrats. However, this list is in no way complete – there is so much at stake in this election, from our social safety net to women’s rights to our very voting and civil rights. Wherever you are in the country, we encourage you to take your values into the voting booth and vote your heart, considering how the candidates stand on issues and the propositions will change life for the most vulnerable – for better, or worse. And please pray for election day and safety for all poll workers and voters!

We at Christian Democrats of America have worked diligently for the last decade to bring real Christian values into politics.  Love thy neighbor.  Stand for the least of these.  Our goal has always been to hold power to account and to keep integrity on the issues.  We ask those in power to stand with the “least of these” in our society, to have compassion, to promote justice and equity. We want policy decisions made with these values in mind. These are Christian values. Since 2016 we have fought for the truth.  We have done so by reporting, informing, missioning, marching, and voting.  Now, we endorse and fight for the least of these in this election.  We are extremely pleased to have found voices in the districts below to support.  These candidates have earned the trust and support of their local communities and also earned the endorsement of Christian Democrats of America.  They continue to push forward on the actual issues of the day while their opponents cling to the type of power that demonizes the poor and hates the stranger.  At this time we ask all voters to vote based on their values – ones such as we have found in these candidates.

    • Beto O’Rourke – Governor, TX
    • John Fetterman – Senate, PA 
    • Josh Shapiro – Governor, PA
    • Mary Peltola – Congress, AK
    • Rev. Warnock – Senate, GA
    • Marcus Flowers – Congress, GA
    • Stacey Abrams – Governor, GA
    • Alan Cohn – Congress, F
    • Rochelle Garza – Attorney General, TX
    • Mallory McMorrow – Senate, MI
    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Congress, NY
    • Katie Hobbs – Governor, AZ
    • Mark Kelley, Senate, AZ


*Note: candidates chosen for endorsement by Christian Democrats of America are not based on religion, gender, race, orientation, special interests, lobbying or the DNC. They are chosen based on their legislative positions, priorities and values.