Dr. Hiral Tipirneni is running in Arizona District 8 in a special election against GOP candidate, Debbie Lesko – a district Trump won by a 21 point margin in 2016. Christian Democrats Founder and Director, Christina Forrester, had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hiral at a pre-election event in Phoenix about the number one question that is often the defining line between whether a Christian will vote red or blue: where does the candidate stand on the “pro-life” issue. Dr. Tipirneni’s answer is in complete alignment with the values of Christian voters who care about a number of issues that can be deemed “pro-life” as well as the abortion issue. Watch Christina Forrester’s interview with Dr. Hiral Tipirneni and her statement as Founder and representative of Christian Democrats of America below, which includes the district 8 candidates’s answer to the abortion issue and other pro-life issues.

STATEMENT from Christina Forrester

INTERVIEW with Dr. Hiral

Watch Dr. Hiral and opponent Debbie Lesko debate on abortion, immigration and other issues….

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni vs. Debbie Lesko BREAKDOWN ON THE ISSUES:


Emergency Room Physician:

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

Career Politician:

Debbie Lesko

Social Security & Medicare Hiral will fight to protect Social Security & Medicare benefits that people have worked their lives to earn. NO cuts. Lesko agrees with Paul Ryan’s plan to make cuts to Social Security & Medicare in order to pay for the recent tax cuts for big corporations and billionaries.
Taxes Hiral supports a tax cut for the middle class and small businesses – not more sweetheart tax breaks for powerful corporations. Lesko supported the recent tax cuts for corporations, millionaires, and billionaires that exploded the national debt.
Education Hiral and her husband both went to public schools, and all three of their children attended Arizona public schools.  Hiral is a strong supporter of investing in our teachers and public schools systems. Lesko was the ringleader behind the infamous voucher bill which takes our tax dollars out of public schools and uses them to pay for private school tuition.
Healthcare Hiral believes quality affordable healthcare is a right for ALL Americans.  She wants to give Americans more choice in their healthcare plans, including allowing those under 65 to purchase Medicare. She supports Arizona’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion that provides “Access” health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.  Watch the video of her plan. Lesko refused to support Jan Brewer’s bipartisan Medicaid expansion plan. She even wasted our tax dollars on a lawsuit to stop this plan from going forward. Her lawsuit failed.
Corruption in Washington Hiral is a political outsider who has never run for office before. She is a problem solver, not a politician. Lesko is a career politician and has already been the subject of two ethical complaints this year, including one for illegally laundering money from her state account to her federal race, and her campaign is currently under investigation from the Federal Election Commission.
Divisiveness in Washington Hiral feels that our country is too divided and wants to work with both Democrats and Republicans to solve serious problems for her constituents and make progress for our nation as a whole. Lesko has pledged to join the Freedom Caucus if elected, one of the most divisive, obstructive, and inflexible groups in Congress.
Immigration & Border Security Hiral believes that strong border security and eliminating illegal immigration are important.  Hiral also believes that we need comprehensive immigration reform that allows for a path to citizenship for the DREAMers, better enforcement of existing immigration laws, and increasing border security using innovative technology rather than just a simple wall. Lesko wants to build a wall but has no real plan for comprehensive immigration reform.
Gun Rights Hiral supports the 2nd amendment, in that law abiding citizens should have the right to bear arms for both personal protection and sport.  Hiral sees gun violence as a public health issue.  She is in favor of comprehensive background checks, closing gun show and online sales loopholes, addressing the mental health component, and restricting terrorists and others that may do harm from getting firearms.  Hiral also believes that arming teachers in schools is a dangerous, short-sighted idea. Lesko wants to make no changes to existing laws.  Says that she is OK with arming teachers.
Climate Change Hiral believes that climate change is real and that we need to reduce carbon emissions.  Hiral understands the importance of cultivating sources of renewable energy and knows that our district can lead the way for creation of clean energy jobs. Lesko does not believe in climate change.
Campaign Finance Reform Hiral will fight to keep dirty money out of politics, including ending Citizens United.  She will go to D.C. to represent her constituents, not special interest groups. Lesko has proudly acknowledged her allegiance to the agenda of ALEC and the Koch Brothers.

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