We had an important discussion on Christian values, Hillary Clinton, the 2016 election and the first Presidential debate on our prayer rally podcast, which you can listen to below. There is so much at stake in this election and as Christians we must stand up for love and justice. Please join with us in prayer for our nation, for Hillary and for love to trump hate. Here is a transcript of the prayer that was shared on our podcast:


Heavenly Father, merciful Lord, God of all…
We pray in all things Your glory may be magnified.
Father, You see how many hate Hillary Clinton so unreasoningly.
You have heard the false witness they bear against her daily, Lord.
You have heard, with us, both veiled and direct threats against Hillary’s life and mission.

We thank you, Lord, for giving us eyes to see and hear the truth
We thank you, Lord, for giving her the heart to keep working for Your purpose.
We come humbly in prayer and supplication, to you our God of grace and solace.
Please surround her with a hedge of Your omnipotent power and protection.
Preserve her goodness and make clear Hillary’s path to serve Your purpose in this world.
And, we ask, our Father in Heaven, that You help us let go of anger and fear,
Help us let go of resentment and pray for the healing of the hearts and minds
For all those who are as adversarial against supporters of Hillary, as they are her.
We lift them up to Your perfect love and healing grace, Lord.
Preserve this nation and heal the sickness of hate gnawing at its heart.
May Your Will perfect the heart of this nation and restore the strength of our unity.


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