On March 24th people across the country will be joining the Parkland, Florida students and thousands of others to march for gun safety and an end to mass shooting violence. CDA is participating in the Phoenix, AZ march and will be holding a Facebook Live and prayer before the march. If you are in or near Phoenix please join us – we will be meeting before the march at 9:30 am outside the Governor’s Office, which is in the same complex as the state capitol (1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007). If you cannot make it to Phoenix, please march at an event near you and represent Christian Democrats with a sign!
Ideas for signs include…
* Put ChristianDems.org  #ChristiansResist or #ChristiansAgainstHate on your sign along with one of these messages…
– “I am a Christian against the NRA”
– CONGRESSIONAL HYPOCRISY DEFINED: Saying you are pro-life while taking money from the NRA
– The NRA is NOT “Pro-Life”
– Faith Without Works is Dead: No more thoughts and prayers without action
Please send us a picture of your sign at info@christiandemocratsofamerica.org and we will feature it on social media! Thank you for taking part and helping us take action on this important issue.

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