The Religious Right is a high-powered, well-funded machine that is affecting Christian voters across the country. The only reason many of these voters support the GOP is because they’re told you can’t be a Christian and vote Democrat. The religious peer pressure is strong…but our movement can be stronger. We can take back the monopoly on the Christian voter and take away some of the power of the Trump Religious Right with your help.

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This is Your Movement: How Christian Democrats of America is “Giving You a New Voice”

A statement on our movement, vision and future from our Director & Founder Christina Forester


Like many of you, I have been heavy in heart watching as so many Evangelical and Christian leaders have stood up for Trump and a far-right GOP agenda, even to the point of calling him God’s “chosen one.” They have come out on social media, in churches, TV and Christian talk-radio attacking anyone who does not go along with the new Trump-Republican agenda. We too at CDA have shared the outrage for the misuse of scripture and using the name of Jesus to support hate, bullying and a truly anti-Christ agenda.

You’re not the only one who is coming out as a Christian Democrat…

The good news is people are drawn to Christian Democrats of America and our Christians Against Hate/Christians Resist movement because here we give a voice and provide a source of hope. I have been hearing from people everyday for over eight years on how they feel forced to keep their political beliefs to themselves out of fear of being bullied, pushed out of their churches, and sometimes even their jobs. There are so many like you who have experienced religious “peer pressure” and have not felt safe to come out as a Christian Democrat and when they do, have experienced rejection, insults and even “excommunication.” 

Many people feel just like you do…

Thousands with a reach of millions feel just like you do. Our goal is to provide that voice throughout our country through social media, podcasts, blogs, and through representation for Christian Democrats and liberals in the media.

How we are making an impact on our country together?

We have a real opportunity before us to make a major difference in our country and the world. Even moderate Republicans are becoming disillusioned and searching for a new platform. We are among those people God is using in these times to stand in the gap and we need to make our voice louder, reach more people than ever before and take bolder actions…because the forces against us all are fierce.

We are a movement that changes the perception of what a Christian voter is, what a Christian in America is, and we are already having that kind of impact…

We are ready to provide a safe haven for the millions of people who are displaced and searching (and already provide for hundreds of thousands) and every one of you is an important part of this movement and community.

We also help support and give a platform to people who share our values and are running for office, where we can make a huge impact on policies from the national to the local level.

Our Current Initiatives

From creating a national registry of safe churches that share our values, to increasing our social media reach to fight back against fake news and fake Christian news media, we have numerous actions current in play that enable us to take away some of that power of the Religious Right and create a proactive and protective community:

  1. Changing the conversation and spreading truth through social media content
  2. Giving a platform to authors, speakers, leaders and those running for office who align with our values
  3. Weekly podcast with guest speakers bringing you commentary on current issues with a focus on empowering you to respond as a Christian Against Hate
  4. Working with our advisory team to further our PR and media opportunities
  5. Influencing the Democratic party in securing a true Christian voice within their platform and policies

What are our future goals & vision?

The following are our upcoming initiatives and vision: These plans are in development and are waiting on funding for implementation.

Because the most common requests we hear from you are that you want more content, and more media exposure for Christian Democrats to counter the Religious Right, I have been planning initiatives to grow and expand this movement based on the feedback I receive from you.

In full transparency, currently we receive enough donations to maintain the website, our social media platforms, and sometimes a very small amount of marketing to expand the visibility for Christian Democrats.

We’re asking for your help so that we can meet YOUR requests. We want you to know you have a voice and we’re listening and have based our plans on your vision. We are looking for more support to hire the people necessary to allow us to take action on our initiatives below.

Our primary initiative, which you gave us, is to increase exposure through media, so that we can continue to build our movement. HERE ARE THESE ACTIONS AND GOALS….

Representing Christian Democrats in the Media:

Based on surveyed feedback from current members, we want to run a major, ongoing PR campaign to give Christian Democrats a voice in the media to counter the far-right Evangelical voices that are currently holding the microphone. We also  want to expand our podcast to provide a 24/7 online radio station as an alternative to current right-wing Christian talk radio. Plans also include a Youtube show and additional media that is an alternative to what is available now.

Monthly Magazine:

This will be a unique news, politics and culture magazine for Christians and people of faith who find themselves “in the gap” of under representation. We will present a truthful reflection of the news, Christian culture/lifestyle, and political opinion in a new Christ-focused, love-focused and inclusive media platform. We represent the gap that exists in the church, society and politics between the Religious Right and all other people of faith who are not of the far-right persuasion. We are also “bridging the gap” by bringing together into one publication: authors, pastors, politicians, journalists and organizations from the now-fractured religious left.  

This monthly publication will be able to be ordered in bulk from organizations, schools, churches, etc, through direct-mail subscription or as a digital magazine. A free subscription will be included with CDA membership. We already have a cover and content for the first magazine, we only need the resources to design and build the site and hire the staff needed to complete this project.

Helping to elect Democratic candidates who share our values and platform:

This year we have had several candidates from around the country who are running in local districts, including red districts, and they want to run as Christian Democrats. We want to offer a large platform and support to these candidates and others who are facing Religious Right talking points and districts where churches actively preach you cannot be a Christian if you vote for these candidates. The Right uses propaganda to “hook” Christian voters, and we want to break this cycle and this message – and we have a way of doing it if we can get the resources at our disposal that we need.

Have a local CDA chapter in every state:

I have hundreds of emails from people who want to meet, fellowship with and organize with other Christian Democrats near them. We have a step-by-step plan of action to develop chapters in every state as soon as we have the resources to initiate the plans.

The National Safe Church Directory:

People reach out to us on a daily basis, with a great increase after the election, asking if we know of a church they can attend that is not preaching Right-Wing politics, focuses on love and social justice, and is friendly to progressives, liberals, etc. This is a very important project so that we can give people the access they need, especially in red states, to local “safe churches” near them. Furthermore, we will be identifying churches that are affirming and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.

Support Universities/Campuses who want Christian Democrat groups and movements:

Since 2008, CDA has been there for Christian universities with liberal groups who need support. We want to expand that support to be able to answer the call of these groups for a CDA chapter on campus for support.

Community Building

Our Facebook group Christians Against Hate grew to 28,000 in less than a year with NO ADVERTISING. And reaches more than 200k people on Facebook through shared posts each week. But we need moderators and staff to help with management of this group and others – we would like to be able to create more groups, both private and public, as has been requested by many. We also have detailed plans ready to go for an app that will allow people to find and connect with other Christian Democrats and progressives.

CDA-Sponsored Events

Enough with CPAC and the “Values Voters Summit” hosted by Mike Huckabee, Liberty U and the NRA! We have a team ready to execute on plans for CDA sponsored conventions and events throughout the country that reflect your values!



We cannot continue to allow the Religious Right who supported Trump to be the #1 influencer of the Christian vote and the voice for Christianity in the media. You all know what an important time this is and it is certainly not a time we can back track. If you’re searching for a movement and fellowship who holds true to the Christian teachings of love, compassion and justice, becoming a member is how you can support our community.

How we need your support

We have always existed for the purpose of giving YOU a voice! We can take back the monopoly on the Christian vote from Republicans, to hold Democrats accountable to a social justice agenda that we care about as people of faith. But we can’t make any of this happen without your support.

We are not funded by any outside group, by any PAC or big donors. This is a grassroots campaign and always has been.

Our existence, growth and action is of vital importance in this country at this moment and if you agree with that statement and support our movement, and want to see the current and future initiatives outlined above happen, then I’m asking you to help us move forward. If even 7% of our dedicated followers becomes a $5, $10 or $25 monthly contributing member to helping us advance our movement, we can make this vision a reality and have an incredible cultural and political impact.

Will you stand with me as a Christian Against Hate and become an official member of CDA or give a one-time donation?

With much love to you all as we move forward together,

Christina Forrester

CDA Founder & Director

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