The Christian Democrats of America platform is “pro-life-for-ALL-life” with a focus on compassion and common sense. This is not “pro-life” in the traditional sense, but we are redefining what it means to be a life-affirming Christian who votes their values. The teachings of Jesus show a Christian world-view of love and compassion for all life. On every issue, we stand for the platforms, agendas and issues we do, not because we are Democrats, but because we are followers of Jesus. Christians first, Democrats second. We are Democrats because the party platform supports our stand on the most important issues for Christian concern in the United States. Throughout all of scripture, and especially in the teachings of Jesus Christ himself, the importance of caring for the poor, sick, vulnerable and marginalized in our society is highlighted as the number one priority of our personal service and national concerns. On all issues we strive for moderation and support realistic solutions.

Economic Justice
Health Care
Global Warming and Animal Rights
Criminal Justice Reform
Separation of Church and State
LGBT Rights
Gun Reform