We cannot continue to allow the Religious Right who supported Trump to be the #1 influencer of the Christian vote and the voice for Christianity in the media. If you’re searching for a movement and fellowship who holds true to the Christian teachings of love, compassion and justice, please consider donating to Christian Democrats of America to help us grow this movement. We have always existed for the purpose of giving YOU a voice! We can take back the monopoly on the Christian vote from Republicans, to hold Democrats accountable to a social justice agenda that we care about as people of faith. But we can’t make any of this happen without your support. We are not funded by any outside group, PACs or big-money donors. This is a grassroots movement and always has been. Our existence, growth and action is of vital importance in this country at this moment and if you agree with that statement and support our movement, help us move forward with a one-time or monthly donation and take part in having an incredible cultural and political impact.

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