by Christina Forrester, CDA Founder and Spokesperson

6/26/2013  5:30pm

We are pleased with the Supreme Court ruling today, and believe the statement by Bill and Hillary Clinton says it best: “By overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, the Court recognized that discrimination towards any group holds us all back in our efforts to form a more perfect union.” Any Christians or conservatives who are disappointed and angry about the Supreme Court ruling today are welcome to their opinions and beliefs, but just remember this: This is not about sin, this is about protecting rights – and historically, when rights are stripped from one group, they are stripped for others – and if you want to keep your right to teach, live and preach as you feel is right, you should be concerned about the defense of rights of others – whether you agree with how they live or not. That’s America. Unless you are also for stripping straight people of their rights to divorce freely without Biblical cause, get married in Vegas while drunk, or get married unless they have had Christian counseling and given their lives to Christ…you should not be against same-sex marriage rights. There is no difference. At that point, it is about a personal prejudice, not a Biblical standard. Non-believers are married every day. Atheists are married every day – do they proclaim their lawful union to be one as “under God” or “sanctioned by God?” Of course they don’t. You can believe whatever you want and we can debate all day about the questions of homosexuality and the Bible, but that debate has no logical basis here. Not every group who gets married now is doing so “in Holy Matrimony”…I just don’t understand how this law, for this group of people, is any different (from a spiritual perspective for those who believe homosexuality is sin), than any other legally married couple who isn’t seeking a church’s sanction? If a church believes marriage is between one man and one woman, then it should not marry a gay couple. Simple. I daresay that same church will not sanction a ceremony between two atheists either.

Now, let’s get back to the business of focusing on the four Gospels that are full of all the things Jesus told us to focus on, which are not this…