This is our top wishlist, prayer list and resolutions for 2013, in random order…We’d love to hear from you, add your own if it isn’t covered here. This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, there are so many things we need to see changed this year. Think how you might help in 2013 to make one or more of these happen… *

1. Sensible gun laws passed

2. A CDA chapter with monthly meetings in every state  * 

3. Immigration reform with a focus on compassionate and realistic solutions 

4. For Christian Progressives to have just as loud a voice at the media table as the Religious Right  *

5. Protections, availability of services, and intervention reforms for the mentally ill and other vulnerable populations

6. For Christians to speak up more loudly for freewill, human rights, inclusion and God’s love for humanity than against equality, moral sin and for exclusion  *

7. Security on availability of healthcare/Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid and other services for lower income populations regardless of who their governor is

8. For the new Congress to finally pass the President’s job bill, or one even better!

9. For a labor movement comeback that secures our Unions, higher wages, fair benefits, and holds greedy CEO’s accountable

10. 100,000 members of Christian Democrats of America that are making a major impact on the national conversation, the negative stereotypes of Christian values, and policy *

* Sign up to volunteer or pitch in $5 today to help make these goals happen here!