Raising the Voice of Christians Against the Election of Roy Moore

Raise the Voice of Christians Against the Election of Roy Moore

As Christian leaders, we are supposed to stand in the gap for the most vulnerable, the hurting, and oppressed. This is the overwhelming theme of the Word of God and Jesus made it very clear that whatever we do unto the “least of these” we do, or do not do, to Him. Over the past weeks we have heard Christian people and pastors stand in defense of pride, sexual assault on minors,  judgement, hypocrisy and everything that is anti-Christ! Real Christ-followers MUST stand up and elevate the actual words of Christ in this abomination that is taking place and the hypocrisy and lack of basic morality that is being uncovered through the Moore Alabama Senate race. This is not a partisan issue, and basic morality and values have nothing to do with being Democrat or Republican, yet these “prolife” religious leaders (who blatantly do not care what abuses take place to a child after it is born…) are making a false god and idol out of far-right politics that have nothing to do with actual Christian values. Whether you are a pastor, religious leader, Christian Democrat or Christian conservative, this moment requires us to raise our voice – sign in defense of the true Gospel of Christ which is about loving God and your neighbor, and denounce the election of Roy Moore! If enough stand up, those on the fence in Alabama may feel empowered to break from the religious-bullying and evil that is feigning itself as Christianity.


A message from an Evangelical pastor on the CDA board…


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