The AP just reported this morning that Troy Davis was denied clemency, and if nothing major happens between now and tomorrow at 7pm, a man with a considerable amount of reasonable doubt of his guilt, will be executed. A very timely blog article that every Christian should read is on Sojourners, below is an excerpt and we encourage you to read the entire article. It illustrates clearly why we, as Christians, are pro-life and thus against the death penalty. We pray for a miracle, an intervening of grace, before tomorrow night.

From Sojourners:

Last night, death was interrupted when the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay of execution for a Texas man convicted of a double murder in Houston in 1995.

Duane Buck was set for execution by lethal injection sometime after 6 p.m., Thursday September 15 in Huntsville, Texas. His execution would have been the second this week and the 11th so far this year in Texas alone. Two more executions are scheduled for next week.

There is an incident in the gospels where Jesus is asked about the death penalty. Here’s the scene: A woman has been humiliated and dragged before the town, ready to be killed. Her execution was legal; her crime was a capital one. But just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right.

Jesus interrupts the scene — with grace.

He tells all the men who are ready to kill the woman, “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone.” And of course he reminds us all that if we have looked at someone with lust in our eyes we are adulterers. If we have called our neighbor a fool we are a murder.

You can hear the stones start to drop, as the men walk away. The only one who is left with any right to throw a stone is Jesus — and he has absolutely no inclination to do so.

We can see that the closer we are to God the less we want to throw stones at other people.

It is this dual conviction — that no one is above reproach and that no one is beyond redemption — that lies at the heart of our faith. Undoubtedly it’s why the early Christians were characterized by nonviolence, even in the face of brutal evil, torture, and execution.

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