By Dr. Linda Seger


Jesus stood up for truth and refused to compromise. He was willing to stand up to the religious authorities and the political authorities of his day. He didn’t argue with them – he knew that wouldn’t do any good. He simply let it unfold. He didn’t go for any easy answers. He was willing to go through this struggle of the crucifixion to get to the resurrection.

There is no resurrection without the crucifixion. And in the case of Jesus, the crucifixion was a time of integrity, and of agreement with God’s plan. But there were very few people who stood by his side.

We are at a crucifixion point in this crisis. We watch values of honesty and truth being eroded – with a President who wants to cover up the struggle, despair and tragedy of what is happening. We’ve seen White House officials and even scientists lie for what they perceive as a way to keep their power. We see governmental authority determined to hold onto the reins of power, and standing against all the efforts to create a better world, quickly. There seems to be so little care from the government for the people who suffer. It is Justice Delayed.

This is a time to respond to the tragedy that is unfolding. This response can be as simple as the empathy needed to rush supplies to those who need them, or creating those communities that rely on the gifts and the knowledge of others. This is not a time for the pride of a President who boasts that he knows all and is doing everything perfectly….because he is not. Community includes an acknowledgment and recognizes that we cannot do it alone. This is a time for each person to take responsibility and we see so little of it in our government. The people who can stand on solid ground and say, “get ‘er done!”

Just like Pilate, who washed his hands and turned over the final decision to others, we see our governmental authorities refuse to take responsibility and make something good happen, quickly.

Dr. Linda Seger is a speaker, author and member of the CDA advisory board. You can go to the JRD website to find out more about Dr. Linda Seger’s Ground-breaking Book Jesus Rode A Donkey: Why Millions of Christians Are Democrats and Pre-Order the New Edition May 5, 2020