Romney said to the evangelical audience:  “Your values will not always be the object of public admiration. In fact, the more you live by your beliefs, the more you will endure the censure of the world.” I agree with him, however I’m pretty sure I disagree on what those values are – if we were “living by our beliefs” as Christians that means loving our enemies, giving to those who take from us, protecting the poor, vulnerable and weak from greed and exploitation. But I’m pretty sure what he means by “your values/living your beliefs” is our beliefs about sexuality and gay marriage…and that is so much more important than the poor, the widow, the orphan…right? 

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Mitt Romney, needing badly to stir momentum among skeptical evangelical Christians vital to his presidential hopes, told a polite audience Saturday at Liberty University, an influential Christian school, that he shares and deeply respects their values.

“People of different faiths, like yours and mine, sometimes wonder where we can meet in common purpose, when there are so many differences in creed and theology,” said Romney, whose Mormon religion has been criticized in some evangelical circles.

“Surely the answer is that we can meet in service, in shared moral convictions about our nation stemming from a common worldview.”

Romney spoke at the school’s commencement, and got his most enthusiastic response when he reiterated his view that “marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman.” President Barack Obama earlier this week said he supported same-sex marriage, a sure-fire way to galvanize evangelicals and other social conservatives to work against his re-election.

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