We heard applause for killing people…social security called a Ponzi scheme…and the idea of fixing our economy and jobs by LOWERING the corporate and wealthy tax rates. One thing we commend is Mitt Romney making the statement that the President is a nice guy – that’s better than calling him an “abject liar” as Perry did.

This was our favorite tweet of the night – couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

“I long for the day when people applaud a state for prioritizing education & health care rather than for killing people. #GOPdebate” – @sameetkumar

From NYTimes:

During more than an hour and 45 minutes of intense debate on Wednesday night, the Republican presidential candidates did not shy away from exchanging blows with each other. But some of the toughest criticism — and some of the most factually problematic — was reserved for the policies, programs, and principles traditionally associated with Democrats, from tackling climate change to broadening access to health care to providing retirement insurance for the elderly.

Read full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/08/us/politics/08check.html?_r=1&hp