If you have any doubt of the racial profiling, discrimination and injustice that Latinos in Arizona have faced under Sheriff Arpaio, watch our Youtube interviews with the Former Mayor of Guadalupe, AZ and the filmmakers of “Two Americans.”

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Ariz. sheriff faces his own words in civil lawsuit

By By JACQUES BILLEAUD – 8 hours ago

PHOENIX (AP) — When Joe Arpaio, the tough-talking Arizona law enforcement official, found himself in the awkward position of having his own words used against him in a discrimination lawsuit, the usually brash sheriff was unusually quiet.

The Maricopa County sheriff, testifying in the lawsuit accusing his office of racially profiling Hispanics, spoke in a hush. He said he was suffering from the flu.

Quietly, and clearing his throat often, Arpaio sought to clarify his own public statements that are being used in a lawsuit to prove prejudiced thinking and claims of systematic racial profiling. If lawyers for a group of Latinos win, Arpaio’s office would have to make policy changes, though he won’t face any jail time or fines.

If the sheriff wins, then the U.S. government would have a harder time proving similar claims in a separate Justice Department lawsuit against him.

The case represents the first time the sheriff’s office has been accused of systematic racial profiling. It will serve as a precursor to the federal government’s civil rights lawsuit, which is much broader.

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