Romney wins by 8 votes – Santorum and Romney Now contend for New Hampshire

– McCain Backs Romney After Santorum’s Surge in Iowa

– Perry, Fifth in Iowa, Decides to Push Forward

– Bachmann ends presidential bid

– AND a new term is coined from Santorum’s win… “TEAvangelicals”….seriously? Yes. http://sojo.net/blogs/2012/01/04/teavangelicals


UPDATE: Romney and Santorum at a dead-heat with 99% reporting – Ron Paul coming in a close third. Santorum ahead by just 19 votes.


Meanwhile, Rick Perry is going home to “reevaluate” and Bachmann’s campaign is “conferencing.”


We will have respect for the one candidate that will not try to use God’s name to sway emotions and “engage in religious warfare.” Oh, and doesn’t insult the poor or the 99%. Is there one candidate that will meet that criteria?

We will update this post tonight when results and news come in.

From NY Times:

DES MOINES — With the caucuses just hours away, the Republican candidates for president hammered home their now-familiar pitches Tuesday morning before putting their political fates in the hands of Iowans.

After a final flurry of campaign rallies and back-to-back television interviews, the six Iowa hopefuls will find out which of them will head to New Hampshire with a head of steam, and which will have to find a way to explain a disappointing result.

Mitt Romney gathered about 100 supporters in downtown Des Moines Tuesday morning, and accused President Obama of turning the country into an entitlement society.

He said that society would “poison the American spirit by pitting one America against another and engaging in class warfare. I prefer an America that is one nation under God and I will keep it that way.”

Read the full story: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/04/us/politics/iowa-caucus-votes.html?_r=1&hp.