Please join us in continued prayer for Joplin and all the other areas affected by the tornado and severe weather disasters. If possible, support the relief efforts – here’s a link to local direct relief.

The death toll from the tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., on Sunday rose to 132 following the discovery of six more bodies, the city said in a statement Friday.

Joplin Mayor Mike Woolston earlier told NBC News that he expected the number to continue to rise slowly as debris is removed.

State officials also reported that 156 people still remain unaccounted for. A list released Thursday showed 232 missing, but that was quickly reduced as some people were found to be alive and others already reported as having died.

More than 900 people were injured in the deadliest twister to hit the U.S. since 1947.

State officials who were criticized for problems with information made available to the public brought in new resources.

“We will keep a relentless focus on the search, rescue and identification” of the missing and “we will not rest until everyone has been accounted for,” Gov. Jay Nixon said.

Getting accurate information out of the six-mile-long scar left by the tornado has been a struggle. Cell phone service was spotty, landlines dropped and electric power remained cut for thousands across the city.

There was joy for some as people feared dead were found alive, and heartbreak for others as the worst was confirmed.

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