Obamacare enrollment exceeds 7 million, GOP still cries “Defund!”

Over 7 million people enrolled in the Healthcare Marketplace by the end of the deadline, giving us a reason to rejoice – the gap for people with and without healthcare in the USA has narrowed! However, the GOP is still talking de-funding if they win enough elections (we have to make sure they don’t!). They still want to throw these people off Medicaid, off their new insurance policies. Do they want to undo the pre-existing conditions and lifetime limit caps as well? We don’t know, because they propose no alternative plan – only to stop people from getting the care they need (see Ryan’s new budget). Obama said it best yesterday at a press conference…

See more at http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/01/politics/obamacare-signups-target./



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