Tonight and tomorrow will be very newsworthy politically, as we see the first GOP debate featuring Rick Perry and President Obama’s jobs proposal. Many feel the jobs proposal will not be big enough and have not include all we really need – something would at least be better than nothing! But will the Republicans get behind even a small measure to help jobs and the economy? Based on recent history, the answer is NO – so we are depending on the President and all elected Democrats to hold them accountable for their actions, or inaction. Obama and Biden held a very vigorous town hall type meeting earlier this week in defense of LABOR, we are hoping that was a preview of what we will see.

GOP debate is when great expectations meet reality


For a presidential hopeful such as Texas Gov. Rick Perry who soars in the polls and sparks intense buzz, the first debate is the moment when reality meets and sometimes scuttles all the exuberant expectations.

A lot of other candidates — who’ve been hard at work for months — think they deserve the nomination and in the NBC News/POLITICO Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Wednesday night, each of them will want to derail the latest entrant to the GOP contest. (The debate can be seen live on MSNBC and at 8:00pm ET. is a joint venture between NBC Universal and Microsoft). Read the full article

Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs

WASHINGTON — The economy weak and the public seething, President Barack Obama is expected to propose $300 billion in tax cuts and federal spending Thursday night to get Americans working again. Republicans offered Tuesday to compromise with him on jobs — but also assailed his plans in advance of his prime-time speech.

In effect, Obama will be hitting cleanup on a shortened holiday week, with Republican White House contender Mitt Romney releasing his jobs proposals on Tuesday and front-running Texas Gov. Rick Perry hoping to join his presidential rivals Wednesday evening on a nationally televised debate stage for the first time. Read the full article: