September 3rd morning prayer gathering at the DNC - Christina Forrester far left

Yesterday on the faith and values panel the topic was “Greater Together” and how Democrats of faith and people of faith in general, will accomplish much more by working in cooperation. Christina Forrester (far left) said on the panel: “If the Body of Christ would work together cooperation on issues which concern us most as Christians, can you imagine what amazing things would happen to change our country, and world? But far too often we are divided by the rhetoric, too focused on our own agenda to look at the needs of the hurting people all around us.”

Luke 6:27 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

Today the faith panel at the DNC was discussing the topic of loving our neighbor. As Christian Democrats, we are dedicated to speaking and working on behalf of the poor, weak and vulnerable and it is easy to love them, as Christ commanded us to. It is also easy to love the like-minded people I am surrounded by here at this convention in Charlotte – my fellow panelists, the faith speakers, the attendees at the convention who I’ve had the chance to sit down with and discuss the meaning of true Christian values… However, one panelist made the important point today of loving the “other.” It is not as easy to love our enemies, those who persecute us, who slander us, call us sinners because we are Democrats, insult and belittle the poor, those on government programs, etc.

We see Facebook posts, emails and tweets every day that make it evident that Christian Democrats have felt bullied for far too long by the “other side.” We are now ready to passionately defend the values we believe in, the values of Christ, the Word of God that has been misused and taken out of context for far too long! It is exciting to see us standing up as a faith community for those values, not taking the bullying anymore…however, we cannot allow ourselves to ignore the important truth that Jesus has also called us to love “the other.” If we let our righteous indignation, even anger, take us to the same place of name-calling and belitting, how are we any different from them?

So, I declare boldly today that I, and the CDA organization as a whole, LOVES and prays for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, their families, the entire Republican party, Tea-party, Religious Right and even Rush Limbaugh.:) We vehemently disagree with their policies and beliefs, are even deeply offended by many of them…but we love them in Jesus’ name.

Lord, help us to keep ourselves in the spirit of speaking the truth in love.

Christina Forrester is the Executive Director for Christian Democrats of America (  She is also CEO of KISS Social Media Marketing and an independent singer, songwriter and musician ( who expresses her passion for social justice through music.