We are excited by this inspirational and Spirit-led article by Jim Wallis. What better way to embrace the hurting, lost, the poor and destitute – to show the world that Christians, that JESUS, is not on the side of corporations, the wealthy and powerful. May the churches across the country who believe in the ministry of Christ while he was on earth heed this call. Soon we pray CDOA is at a place where we can make a big enough impact to help institute sanctuaries across the nation.

From Sojourners:

It’s time to invite the Occupy Movement to church!

And Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion. Have some of the young protesters — the “99ers” as they’re becoming known — from this rapidly growing movement over for a big holiday dinner!

Our faith communities and organizations should swing their doors wide and greet the Occupiers with open arms, offering them a feast to say “thank you” for having the courage to raise the very religious and biblical issue of growing inequality in our society.

Concentrations of wealth and power, unfairness in our political process, the loss of opportunity — especially for the next generation — and the alarming rise of poverty in the world’s richest nation are all fundamental concerns for people of faith. So let’s invite the young occupiers into our churches and ministries for good conversation and a great meal.

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