We had to share this picture with you…we don’t know who this person is, but we hope he or she finds us! We are standing with you and you are all in our prayers. Help us spread word on CDOA to anyone you know in the Occupy movement to let them know there are many, many Christians in America behind them and interceding for justice and change.

Protest sign from an Occupy march in New York City on Oct. 30. Image via Wylio.

Oakland Police on Monday morning surrounded an anti-Wall Street protester encampment in the city, ahead of an expected clearing operation, witnesses said.

The police were also setting up makeshift fencing around a plaza facing protesters, some 200 of whom were in the street and chanting at an intersection in the early morning hours.

Oakland has seen several clashes between police and protesters in recent weeks.

The Oakland group has been among the most visible and active in the nationwide Occupy movement, which started in New York in September, and is opposed to what the demonstrators see as an unfair concentration of wealth in the United States.


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