Pray for Somali. We’ve researched that the best website to donate to is: We’re proud our country is stepping out when others have had to backed down, to save millions of children and adults from starvation.

Excerpt from MSNBC:

Putting the needs of millions of starving Somalis above terrorism concerns, the United Statesmoved Tuesday to reassure international aid organizations that they will not face prosecution under US law if humanitarian assistance falls into the hands of US-listed terrorist groups.

The threat of mass starvation is so great, particularly in parts of central and southern Somalia controlled by the Al Qaeda-affiliated organization Al Shabab, that saving lives must come before following the letter of anti-terrorist regulations, said officials from the State Department, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Treasury Department.

Humanitarian aid to southern Somalia largely dried up after Al Shabab took control of the region, and aid groups found themselves threatened by extremists on the ground and prosecution in the US, under Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control(OFAC).

“We are working to reassure humanitarian assistance organizations that making a good-faith effort to help people in need will not result in prosecution,” said a senior administration official who spoke on a conference call with reporters on condition of anonymity. “I think there is some risk of diversion” of aid and funds to terrorist elements, the official added, “but the dimensions of this crisis are such that we have to put assistance first.

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