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Christians Rallying Support for Obama, Democrats’ GOTV Efforts in Virginia

Christian Democrats of America organizing Obama and Democratic Christian and faith-based supporters for 5 days of action leading up to election day

Washington, DC — (October 25, 2012) — The Christian social justice movement Christian Democrats of America is recruiting and organizing volunteers for the GOTV effort in Virginia November 2nd through election day. Support from the Christian community for President Obama has become more and more prominent since the Democratic National Convention, and people of faith are now galvanizing around the message of “being my brother’s keeper” and looking after those in need, which the President has particularly highlighted in his campaign speeches and the debates.

“Many Christians, including Evangelicals like myself, simply cannot reconcile themselves to the Romney/Ryan policies of making major cuts in programs for the poor, veterans, elderly and taking away Obamacare when it has helped so many people in need of critical-care already” said Founder and Executive Director of Christian Democrats of America, Christina Forrester. “Our values are lining up with the Democratic agenda this election, especially when the GOP platform is to give more tax breaks to the wealthy and thus further increase the huge income gap in this country.”

The GOTV Christian Democrats effort is beginning November 2nd and will include participation in a non-partisan nationwide day of prayer that the group is also sponsoring (see separate press release). Volunteers can sign up to take part in the activities by going to https://christiandemocratsofamerica.org/join-the-movement.

The Christian Democrats of America organization is based in Washington, D.C., and is committed to reforming social injustices, being a voice for those without a voice, and changing the perception of Christian values in action worldwide. The social justice movement was founded in 2006, and currently has more than 10,000 supporters nationwide.

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***If you are in the VA, D.C. or MD area, sign up to join our team for the Obama and Tim Kaine campaigns here