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We are just beginning to feel the effects from this ridiculous sequester on everyday life and the economy. It will only worsen if Congress will not work with the President on a compromise that won’t cut on the backs of the lowest income brackets. So far, those at the bottom have already suffered, and now the rest of America is starting to see and feel the impact. Here’s a graphic that gives a run-down of current and projected impact for Federal Agencies:

“Flight delays are just the latest example of how the sequester is damaging the economy and hurting families across the country.” – Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.)

Flights are delayed at major East Coast airports as sequester-related furloughs begin

By  and Luz Lazo, Published: April 22

After months of inside-the-Beltway drama, the impact of sequestration cutbacks moved to center stage America on Monday as the aviation system was slowed by the furlough of 1,500 air traffic controllers.

With about 10 percent of the controllers who direct 23,000 planes a day scheduled to be off daily until October, both industry and government officials forecast that the effect would snowball as the nation enters peak travel season.

“Our aviation system should not be used as a pawn in budget debate,” said Lee Moak, president of the Air Line Pilots Association. “The livelihood of our economy is dependent on air commerce, and the financial strength of our airlines and the people they employ are at risk.”

“In airports across the country, millions of Americans will get their first taste of the pain of sequestration,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “But many Americans have been feeling that pain for weeks. We cannot and we should not only address the FAA cuts. We cannot ignore the sequester’s overall effect on Americans.”


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