We can truly thank God and rejoice that there is no chance this man will ever get into the White House as President of the United States. We can’t say this too often, but CDOA agrees with Michelle Bachmann on this one – the “999” plan is only an upside down “666” plan! 🙂

Cain’s 999 Plan is simple: middle class and low income people will pay more; rich pay less

Jim Young / Reuters

When it comes to Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s proposed 9-9-9 tax plan, there’s one thing all sides agree on: it’s very simple

If you’re a corporation, own a small business or count yourself among the richest Americans, you’ll simply love it. If not, you’d simply pay a lot more in taxes.

Everyone hates the current tax code. A Congressional supercommittee is attacking the mess as part of a broad proposal to balance the federal budget. President Barack Obama wants to pay for his jobs stimulus package by raising taxes on the wealthiest households. Corporations are agitating for a “tax holiday” for over a $1 trillion in profits stashed overseas to avoid the IRS back home.

Now Cain, who has recently surged to the front of the pack of GOP presidential contenders, is drawing attention to a radical idea. Rather than slog through the political morass of overhauling the existing system, just scrap it entirely. No more deductions, exemptions, incentives and tax loss carry forwards

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