Christian Democrats Gathering for a Nationwide Day of Prayer November 5th 

Social justice values and a fair election process are major themes people of faith are concerned about in local and national elections in 2012

Washington, DC — (November 2, 2012) — On November 5th, people of faith will gather across the nation in prayer for the election the next day. The Christian social justice movement Christian Democrats of America is sponsoring the prayer day, bringing together their own members, faith leaders, social justice organizations, churches and anyone else who wants to commit to a focused prayer the day before Election Day. The prayer is to be an all-day nationwide event, with a prayer conference call happening at 4pm PST/7pm EST  with Reverend Derrick Harkins, Director of Faith Outreach for the DNC; Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, President, Skinner Leadership Institute, Co-Chair, National African American Clergy Network and Former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus; Pastor David Forrester, pastor and evangelist in Phoenix, AZ area of 34 years, and advisory board member to CDA, and Christina Forrester, Founder and Director of CDA. There will also be a live twitter prayer meeting at 4pm EST using hashtag #electionprayer. The prayer will be centering around the themes of a fair and balanced election process where no one is left out, and for the election of candidates who will serve with values of compassion for social justice and “being my brother’s keeper.”

“We are focusing on a prayer that no one will be forgotten on Nov. 6th and everyone has a safe and fair voter experience” said Founder and Executive Director of Christian Democrats of America, Christina Forrester.  “We are also praying that those who will defend the vulnerable and uphold values of social justice in their jurisdictions will be elected to public office.”

Anyone wanting to join the prayer can follow Christian Democrats of America on Twitter or Facebook, or opt-in to their mailing list for the latest updates and conference call information.

The Christian Democrats of America organization is based in Washington, D.C., and is committed to reforming social injustices, being a voice for those without a voice, and changing the perception of Christian values in action worldwide.  The social justice movement was founded in 2006, and currently has more than 11,000 supporters nationwide.

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