Listen to this speech and read the quote below and you will see where the President Obama’s priorities are – giving the working poor a chance to survive and reach the middle class, strengthening the middle class, jobs, infrastructure, a real and fair budget and tax code. However, the GOP has already responded before the speech, with no compromise on any of the President’s positions. But besides refusal to work with the President, where is the real GOP jobs plan? Middle class and working poor plan? Economic plan? Their plan seems to be fairly simple – kill any real potential for progress under President Obama.

From the article, the President said: “I’m willing to simplify our tax code” in a way that closes loopholes, ends incentives to ship jobs overseas, and lowers rates for businesses that create jobs in America…But if we’re going to give businesses a better deal, then we’re also going to have to give workers a better deal, too,” he added, explaining that the new money from corporate tax reform could be used for infrastructure spending, or boost high-tech manufacturing hubs, or help grow the community college system. “All of these things would benefit the middle class right now and in the years to come.”

By Michael O’Brien, Political Reporter, NBC News

President Barack Obama challenged Republicans on Tuesday to help him craft a “grand bargain” for the middle class, unveiling a corporate tax reform proposal intended to put the GOP on the spot ahead of the budget battles he faces with Congress this fall by trying to rally public opinion using the presidential bully pulpit.

In his latest push to frame those battles, Obama called for closing loopholes and certain deductions for big business in exchange for lowering rates. And he proposed using new revenue from the tax reforms for increased spending on infrastructure and transportation projects.

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