Miracles DO happen. Despite a Republican ruled legislature, and with the support of a Republican Governor who, until now, has been one of the most radical-right governors in the country, Arizona has passed the Obamacare Medicaid expansion plan. The measure will provide healthcare for 350,000 uninsured, low-income Arizonans. In an unprecedented move, Gov. Jan Brewer decided to back the Medicaid expansion that Obamacare offers, as the “right thing for Arizona.” The measure passed with just enough Republican support.

We pray for the other states with Republican governors who are against  insuring millions of low-income people who have no other options…partisanship comes before humanity and common economic sense.

Arizona Senate ends special session after passing GOP Gov. Brewer’s budget, Medicaid expansion

PHOENIX — The Arizona Legislature has voted to end a special session ordered by Gov. Jan Brewer after passing an $8.8 billion budget that includes her Medicaid expansion plan.

The Legislature adjourned Thursday after a marathon week that saw Brewer call lawmakers into the special session late Tuesday with little notice after months of stalled negotiations.