This was not unexpected…if anything would rally our base, Christian Democrats, this should be it! With Perry in the race, we are about to hear an onslaught of Religious Right speech, a pulpit on “family values” and what Christians are supposed to support according to the far right. Our voices need to grow in number and in volume, quickly! Join our movement, let’s get our own prayer rallies started!!

From NBC News:

A source close to the campaign confirms to NBC News that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will formally announce his intention to run for president at the Red State Convention in Charleston, S.C.

The Associated Press is also reporting that Perry is entering the race, quoting his spokesman, Mark Miner.

Perry’s candidacy is likely to shake the GOP field.

His announcement that he is joining the field would come two days after a debate in Iowa and on the same day as his rivals participate in a test vote in the leadoff caucus state.