With little to no moderate “McCain Republicans” in the House, immigration reform needs our action and prayers more than ever. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said: “But thus far, we have not seen any evidence from House Republican leaders, anyway, of a commitment to comprehensive immigration reform as we’ve seen it from Republicans in the Senate.” Meanwhile, Republican Representatives such as Steve King from Iowa continue to make hurtful, racial and derogatory comments about Latinos and other immigrants, this time about DREAMERS – click here.

Immigration rhetoric ramps ups as White House shows its frustration with House GOP

By  and , Published: July 23

The White House lashed out at House Republican leaders over immigration Tuesday after months of treading gingerly, revealing a sense of growing frustration inside the Obama administration with the sluggish pace of the reform effort.The sudden change in tone represents a rhetorical escalation in the high-stakes immigration debate as the House deliberates on a series of small-scale proposals, eschewing the comprehensive approach adopted by the Senate and favored by the White House.

On Tuesday morning, Obama senior adviserDan Pfeiffer wrote on Twitter that one House proposal amounted to “cruel hypocrisy” since it would leave millions of immigrants in the country illegally without a path to citizenship.

But Boehner has said the House will not consider the Senate bill, frustrating President Obama, whose advisers are deliberating over how to ramp up the pressure on Republican leaders without risking potential support from moderates.

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