We would like to see just as many Christian groups mobilizing with an even louder voice to defend these programs than only Liberal groups! Not only keeping these programs intact, but making them better to helping the working poor and unemployed get out of poverty should one of our main concerns right now. And protecting Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, as well as new provisions from the Obamacare legislation, is a top social justice priority. How we treat the elderly, sick, low-income and struggling defines us and our values.

Look for blogs in the coming days from CDA to mobilize and educate on the Christian response to the issue of “entitlements” and the importance of the fiscal cliff legislation. 

Liberal groups mobilize for ‘fiscal cliff’ fight over Social Security, Medicare

With President Obama seeking a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” liberal groups that campaigned aggressively for his reelection are mobilizing to oppose concessions they fear he could make on Medicare and Social Security.

Leaders of the nation’s labor unions and other liberal groups are planning Tuesday to press Obama at the White House to reject the kind of cuts in Medicare and Social Security that he has previously offered to make. On Thursday, left-leaning lawmakers and seniors groups plan to rally on Capitol Hill against any changes to entitlements.

Read the full story: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/liberal-groups-mobilize-for-fiscal-cliff-fight-over-social-security-medicare/2012/11/12/b2c98f64-2cf7-11e2-89d4-040c9330702a_story.html?wpisrc=nl_politics