Editor’s Note: May this final blog before all the ballots are cast assist any of you who need a fresh Christian perspective on Hillary Clinton make your decision today. Happy Election Day – GO VOTE! 

I remember hearing my first Clinton conspiracy story when I was just a kid and not surprisingly, it was in my own family church. A boy who I considered my best friend asked me who my family was voting for. My family made sure I had an early understanding of government and politics, so when he asked this I proudly told him Bill Clinton, and I could back that up with all my seven-year-old talking points. He gasped and I’ll never forget the shock on his face, “I can’t believe your family would vote for him, they are pastors! Don’t you know that Bill Clinton will not let any kids be home-schooled ever again?! He is against Christians and going to take away all our rights!” But I knew even at that young age that what I was hearing sounded like a story, even if I did not quite understand the term “conspiracy theory” yet. I later went to my mom and asked her about what he said, since the thought bothered me and the accusation angered me (I just assumed before then that all people in our church probably loved the Clintons too… I was in for a lot of surprises later in life!). She confirmed my suspicions and explained to me that there is a lot of untruth that goes around when we are choosing a president, and a lot of people don’t like the Clintons because they’re on the side of the poor, and people who need help and there are a lot of wealthy and powerful people who don’t like that…so they spread lies.

Thank you for the lesson Mom… because it is still so true today. And since I was that little kid defending Bill Clinton to my church friends, the Clintons have continued to be a target of conspiracy theories and attacks on all sides. Hillary has had more thrown against her to stop her as a presidential candidate than anyone possibly in our history. And that could be because of the real Clinton conspiracy.

I recently took a class at Arizona State University on Paranoia and Culture. Even though I’ve dealt with conspiracy theories throughout most of my life, it was eye-opening to see how conspiracy and propaganda tools have been used politically throughout history, and usually not for any good reason. Lately the rampant conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign have reached a near manic frenzy. Apparently, in case you didn’t know (because I certainly did not, but I was schooled this week), Hillary Clinton supposedly takes part in Satanic rituals, participates in “Spirit Cooking” dinners with John Podesta, is part of a child-trafficking scheme, is herself a pedophile, drinks pigs blood, works directly with ISIS to kill off Christians, regularly murders people personally, plans to usher in a New World Order and miraculously manages to do all this while managing her various diseases! But you don’t have to be on the “Alt-Right” fringe to believe the more mild – in comparison – conspiracy theories, such as the “cover-ups and corruption” charges Donald Trump brings up daily.

So today I am writing this to put out one last Clinton conspiracy theory before Election Day. My hope is that this conspiracy theory will be as wide-spread, promoted, with memes and trolls and media coverage as all the rest of them. Because this conspiracy theory has a lot more facts to back it up than any of the others I have seen the majority of my life…by a landslide. So here it is: Hillary Clinton has a passionate desire to lift-up the people of this country and the world who Jesus Christ referred to as the “least of these” and she is plotting this because she is a deeply spiritual, Christian woman, and changing lives for the better is what motivates her. Now just take a look at the evidence…

  • She frequently uses the famous Methodist quote by John Wesley: “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”
  • The Clinton Global Initiative has saved millions of lives and lifted up the most vulnerable populations in the world
  • She started her career fighting against injustice, helping the poor children of migrant workers. I truly believe this was the beginning of her scheme, because Secretary Clinton has admitted herself that after hearing Marian Wright Edelman speak at Yale, “Something clicked in my brain that day. Until I heard Marian speak, it wasn’t clear to me how to channel my faith and commitment to social justice to try to make a real difference in the world. But she put me on the path of service.”
  • She said she believes the Sermon on the Mount “sure does seem to favor the poor and the merciful and those who in worldly terms don’t have a lot but who have the spirit that God recognizes as being at the core of love and salvation.” So, she uses scripture to back up her agenda!
  • With every prominent position she has held, and there have been many, she has used her authority to try her best to do things like granting healthcare to people who couldn’t afford it, raising wages of poor and working families, fighting for the rights of minorities and women here in the United States and around the world…you can research this and you will know I am right.
  • She has gone around for 18 months, both in front of the cameras and in small gatherings, saying things like, “Love trumps hate,” and “I am talking about love and kindness,” and “I want this campaign, and eventually my administration to be more about inspiring young people, and older ones as well, to find that niche where kindness matters, whether it’s to a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, a fellow student — whether it’s in the classroom, or a doctor’s office, or in a business — we need to do more to help each other.”
  • She actually admits: “I can only just be the person I am and continue to stand for what I feel like I have always stood for, in terms of values and in terms of my core beliefs.”

Now this is a just a very small sampling of the evidence I found. There are thousands of documents, articles, interviews, videos and historical facts that back up my theory. Just do a little research and use the hashtag #FinalClintonConspiracy and I look forward to seeing what you find! And I also look forward to waking up Wednesday morning with a renewed hope, knowing that our first woman President of the United States shares my concern as a Christian, to love your neighbor, and that whatever we do or do NOT do unto the least of these we do or do not do unto Him. And I’ll close my argument the same way I did when I was in second grade, talking to my friend in church: “The Clintons are Christians too and they want to help the poor and fight for what the Bible tells me I ought to care about most: loving my neighbor.” This simple argument is still the same.

Christina Forrester (@Christinaof9) is the  Founder and Director of Christian Democrats of America and the #Christians4Hillary movement,  a singer, songwriter and musician with a focus on social justice, Huffington Post contributor  and digital marketing consultant.