Christian Democrats of America has begun a nationwide virtual phone bank in support of key Senate and Congressional races of our endorsed candidates. The phone bank is the first time the organization has held a national phone bank and marks a changing of the tides in the way Christian voters are both perceived and active in American politics. Christina Forrester, Founder and Executive Director of CDA, said: “The Religious Right has tried to label the Republican party as the party supported by Christian voters, but we are changing that. For far too long we have seen religious groups and organizations form volunteer actions to reach Republican voters of faith, but now Christians are calling people of faith on behalf of Democrats across the country in our nationwide phone bank. We have an active group of volunteers who are excited to put their faith and values into political action.”

The phone bank officially kicks off Saturday, October 10th, with volunteers calling on behalf of Kentucky Senate candidate Amy McGrath, and Arizona Congressional candidate Joan Greene. Voting out Mitch McConnell is a main priority of Democrats this year, and Forrester says that for Christian Democrats, it is second only to beating Trump in November, which is a reason the group has chosen to back Amy McGrath in their first phone bank effort. “Our community is really motivated to see Mitch get voted out. The hypocrisy surrounding pushing for a new Supreme Court justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg just a month before the election is the icing on the cake to trying to strip away healthcare for millions of Americans in the midst of a health crisis, and the years of obstruction to our democracy at this hands.” McGrath recently tweeted she was “honored” to have the support of the organization.

Joan Greene is up against Andy Biggs, a regular on Fox News, and a right-wing extremist who stands with Trump, and is also a high priority for the group. Greene has been a regular on the CDA sponsored podcast, What Would Jesus Pod? and represents social justice values as a high priority. Forrester says CDA may be adding more names from key races around the country soon to their phone bank efforts, as they wish to expand their reach. “We see this as an incredible opportunity to shift things in November. If we can make the case to Christian voters, hearing from other Christians about why they should support these candidates based on our common values, we can not only vote Trump out, but potentially shift the Senate and Congress to candidates with the values we believe in – taking care of the least of these, legislating on behalf of the sick, the stranger and the poor, and loving all our neighbors.”

If you are interested in volunteering with the CDA phone bank, just fill out the form here.

If you don’t have time to volunteer but want to support our efforts, please make a donation to help us expand our phone bank and other efforts.