Since my last ranting, I have been hoping that Americans would see past the rhetoric, trash talk and, let’s face it, propaganda that is spewed out year after year but especially at election times. That didn’t happen in fact as shown in this last election we took another step backwards. I’m supposing people enjoy having a Congress that fails to work on anything that is beneficial to its citizens. We seem to be viewing our government like we view reality television: “This one seems smart and is kind of cute so let’s vote for him/her! That was a really good sarcastic remark, good play. Oh I like his commercials; he really sticks it to his opponent!” It’s like a chess game and the middle and lower class (children, women, mentally ill, homeless…all our most vulnerable populations) are the pawns in the game. In fact in recent years the Right Wing has taken to changing the chess board. They have been busy reconfiguring areas or passing voting laws that prohibit voting. Because they are the “true Americans,” right? Is that what “true Americans” stand for now? Do we want to be known as the generation that inhibits popular vote?

Some of the statements that have been made by Senators and Congress members in regards to the disenfranchised citizens of our country are not only appalling but show a real ignorance that is rarely found among “learned people.” Yet, people continue to believe it all hook, line and sinker. I have serious concerns for the future of our children.

Taken to the extreme, it seems they are preaching that abortion is wrong without any exceptions, however, they don’t condone helping women get safe birth control. If you are a woman and pregnant, you are penalized for having multiple children, but they refuse to help curb that by offering birth control. Oh yeah and only enough food stamps for $2.00 a day for food. Let’s not even discuss healthcare! If you are poor and only have $2.00 a day to eat just don’t get sick because no one wants to help you…and if the Right Wing has their way they’ll take away what hope the low income brackets do have in the Affordable Care Act. And if you end up homeless, they are now trying to pass laws across the country to make it illegal to give you and your children food. So I guess their plan is: have as many children as possible, and as long as you don’t have an abortion it is OK if you and your kids just starve to death or die of diseases, because we won’t cover it. Don’t get me wrong, I hate abortion too, it is a tragedy for all involved. However, I am equally outraged at how the proponents of a total abortion ban would have us treat the children already born and starving! If you are mentally ill on top of all this…that’s a whole book in itself.

This isn’t anything new. Jonathan Swift wrote in 1729 about the same ideas regarding the Irish. His remedy, in his biting satire “A Modest Proposal” was to suggest the Irish eat a certain percentage of Irish children and therefore rid Britain of the masses of poor, overcrowded, homeless, begging, women and children. Curiously the Tea Party Republicans haven’t thought of that yet.  Perhaps someone will suggest it to them?

“Rantings of a Mad Woman” is a column written for CDA anonymously. Mad Woman is a Charismatic Evangelical Christian baby-boomer and educated woman who is also a social worker of 15 years. She is also a pastor and pastor’s wife with a righteous indignation. – @Ranting_Woman