This is a blog worth reading! We found this on Sojourners today and had to share it with you. What true Biblical wisdom – the Word of God is LIVING and relevant to all our crises and circumstances today. We pray the voters see clearly in 2012 who was and is willing to “tear the baby apart.”

Excerpt from the article:

Solomon’s Wisdom and the Debt Ceiling

by Valerie Elverton Dixon 07-25-2011

As the time shortens for Congress and President Obama to agree to the contours of legislation to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, I am reminded of the story of King Solomon and his judgment regarding two women who both claimed to be the mother of a child (I Kings 3: 16-28). Solomon ordered that the living child be cut in two and half a dead child be given to both women. The woman who was the true mother insisted that the living child be given to the false mother. She was willing to give up her righteous claim to save the child’s life. King Solomon knew the true mother and gave her the child.

In the current problem — a completely artificial crisis because Congress could have raised the debt ceiling weeks ago — we are looking at a situation where one side is willing to cut the baby in two rather than bend on its rigid position. Some tea party Republicans in the House of Representatives would rather see the nation default on its debt obligations, causing God only knows how much damage to an already fragile economy, before they ask the wealthiest Americans to pay one penny more in taxes.

They speak of the negative economic effects of raising taxes on so-called “job creators.” But the economic reality is that taxes do not cause or stop economic growth. Innovation brings economic growth. The economy grew during the Clinton administration even while tax rates were higher because of innovations in information technology and the Internet. I still say that the country needs more not less government spending at this moment. We need a jobs bill so that people will have money to live and to spend. There will be no expansion of any business, no matter the tax rates, without increased demand. Imagine a lemonade stand. Why would you make a second pitcher of lemonade when you have not sold the first pitcher?

By worshiping at the altar of Grover Norquist and a no new taxes pledge that many Republican lawmakers have signed, some Republicans are willing to crash the economy rather than allow the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to expire. They take this position in the face of income inequality where the average chief executive officer of a corporation makes 185 times as much as the average worker.

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