In this episode:

  • In-depth interview on current issues/news, theology and what it means to “seek a better way to be a Christian” with author, speaker and theologian Brian McLaren 
  • UPDATE on The Caravan of Compassion Project and news on refugee/border crisis: “the suffering is right at our door”
  • What on earth is going on with Republicans in Wisconsin and North Carolina?!
  • Religious Right Roundup: “one point of agreement on family values” by Justin
  • Closing Remarks: Christina on Isaiah 58 – What constitutes a “wicked and sinful nation”?

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Justin Anderson, co-host, co-producer and CDA multimedia director. Twitter/Facebook: @newman4life

Christina Forrester – Founder & Director of Christian Democrats of America. Twitter/Instagram/Youtube: @Christinaof9
Facebook: /christinaforrester
















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