What Would Jesus Pod? Episode Three is focused on immigration and children at the border. We have special guests Dr. and author, Linda Seger and Pastor David Forrester with us to discuss what the Bible really says about following the law in Romans 13, the scripture used to justify the Trump administration’s family separation/”ZERO TOLERANCE” policy, how we should treat immigrants, and what a White House Bible Study has to do with all of this. This is the place where real Christian values meets politics. Follow our podcast on Twitter @WhatWldJesusPod


Dr. Linda Seger is a theologian, CDA Advisory Board Member and author of “Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians Are Democrats

Pastor Dave Forrester – Pastor Forrester has been in full time ministry since 1973. He is an activist for the poor and social justice causes and member of the CDA Advisory Board.

Christina Forrester, CDA Founder and Director and show creator & host. Follow Christina Forrester @Christinaof9

Justin Anderson, co-host, producer and political commentator. Follow Justin @newman4life.

John Boyle, co-host, economist. Follow John Boyle @integrumwm.

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