CDA endorsed Congressional candidate in Alabama Tabitha Isner joins us for a real discussion on what it means to be a Christian Democrat in a red state, and what family values really mean to her. Also commentary on politics, news and issues facing our country, and why no human is “illegal” according to the Bible.

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Tabitha Isner, Congressional Candidate in Alabama’s 2nd District

CDA endorsed candidate Tabitha Isner is running as a Democrat in a red state and a Trump district, but she says believes she has a real chance to flip this seat. Her faith values have informed her policy ideas: “I am a Democrat BECAUSE I’m a Christian.”

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“My political views are firmly tied to my faith, the idea that we are called to feed the hungry and
care for the sick and liberate the captive. I believe that we do better by our children and families
when we support abundant life for all rather than fearing that there isn’t enough to go around. In
these United States of America, we can all enjoy abundant life, but it’s going to require courage
and faithfulness to our ideals. We can restore unity and strengthen the bonds of peace, but It’s
going to require humility and gentleness, patience and bearing with one another in love.”


Justin Anderson, co-host, producer and political commentator. Follow Justin @newman4life.

Christina Forrester, CDA Founder and Director and show creator & host. Follow Christina Forrester @Christinaof9